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About Fred Prejean:


Thank you for taking this opportunity to get to know Fred.

Born and reared in Lafayette, Fred grew up in the section of Lafayette known as Fightingville.   He is one of seven children.   Fred’s parents didn’t have a lot of money, but they showered him with plenty of love, support and guidance.  They taught him right from wrong and instilled in him the message that he “came from good stock.”  Fred’s parents taught him how to live with dignity, to value education, to practice work ethics and to respect all of his neighbors regardless of their life circumstances. These are values Fred has used as guiding principles throughout his life. Fred has been married to his wife, Ola, for 32 years, and they have one daughter, Masharika. 

Fred completed his primary and high school education in Lafayette, LA at St. Paul's and Holy Rosary Institute, respectively. Following six years in the Marine Corps Reserve, Fred enrolled at Southern University in Baton Rouge in 1970 and received his B.A. Degree in Accounting. Additional educational studies and professional development include study at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA and the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy at Duke University in Durham, NC.

As a citizen activist, Fred has been involved in community affairs for over 40 years, but never as an elected official.   Many experiences have shaped his business, political, and social views. Fred’s civic and employment history reflects duties and positions in state government, community affairs, public accounting, general business consultation and development, corporate management and information technology solutions.

Fred is President of Empire Management, Inc., a business resource, research, and development-consulting firm.  From 1991-1996, Fred served as Undersecretary of the Louisiana State Department of Wildlife and Fisheries where he managed an annual $50 million dollar Operating Budget and an annual $30 million dollar Capital Outlay Budget. Additionally, Fred has experience testifying on financial matters before Louisiana State Legislative Committees, including the Senate Finance Committee, House Appropriations Committee, Senate and House Natural Resources Committees.

As current chairman of the Lafayette Consolidated Planning and Zoning Commission, a volunteer position, Fred has dedicated much of his time and energy to promoting north (upper) Lafayette as well as the entire parish.  He is cognizant of the strengths of District 44 as well as the challenges that the district faces. 

Fred wants to be the impetus for the political effort to grow District 44 and help create a quality of life all can share and be proud of.  Fred is committed to working with others who want to be pro-active in ushering in a new vision that will benefit the children, elders, and all of District 44.

  • LCG Planning and Zoning Commission (Chairman)
  • Greater Southwest La. Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Lafayette Housing Advisory Committee (HAC)
  • Lafayette General Advisory Panel (GAP)
  • Lafayette North Plan Coordinating Team (LNPCT)
  • Lafayette Growth Opportunity Technical Team (GOTT)
  • Veazey-McComb Neighborhood Organization
  • Freetown-Port Rico Neighborhood Organization
  • Hurricane Katrina Volunteer
  • Heymann Foundation Scholarship Division
  • Lafayette Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation (LNEDC)
  • Sterling Grove Housing Development
  • Holy Family School Board
Why is Fred A Candidate?

Fred knows that residents in District 44 are part of a family.  He knows, that in the everyday experience, families share concerns about their well-being, wonder how best to take care of elderly parents when they can't care for themselves anymore, worry about keeping children out of trouble, struggle to afford the operation the doctor said might be needed, and fight to protect each other from the drugs, crime, and illegal activity encroaching on their neighborhood. Quality education, affordable healthcare and housing, better paying jobs and having safe neighborhoods are serious issues confronting District 44 residents. 

Listening to citizens of District 44 affirms Fred's belief that we all agree on the problems facing us, however, the real issue of this race is getting results.    He knows that the job of the representative is not to just identify problems, but to alleviate the barriers that impede growth and well-being.  From years of community activism, professional work, and serving on the LCG Planning Commission, Fred has a wealth of experience successfully problem-solving and working with different groups to achieve results.  Being 1 of 105 representatives, each with their own constituency, he recognizes that achieving results begins with coalition-building, and he will employ his effective negotiating skills to reach consensus to deliver results for us.  Complaining, intimidating and alienating are not the same as achieving results. Having the best idea in the chamber doesn't mean much if you can't get consensus for passage.  Collaboration paves the road to results. Fred will take to Baton Rouge an articulate, mature, levelheaded presence and will roll up his shirtsleeves to work for the good of District 44, Lafayette, and the state.  Fred has always been fair and measured, and he will never compromise his personal principles or the principles of our district.   

As your State Representative, Fred will focus on community needs that can be addressed by the state legislature as well as needs that can be addressed by District 44 constituents and local government.  In all of his community involvement, Fred has gotten in the mix, done the work and led by example.  Fred believes we must examine new ideas, think critically and creatively, interact cooperatively and learn to adapt to the changing times ahead. 

Fred will represent all of the voters of District 44.  He's confident that by working together, a new vision will be created and implemented for north Lafayette and District 44; a vision that promises progress and prosperity; a vision that makes all of District 44 constituents proud.  

Fred wants to be the impetus for the political effort to grow District 44 and help create a quality of life all can share and be proud of.  Fred is committed to working with others who want to be pro-active in ushering in a new vision that will benefit the children, elders, and everyone in District 44. As he has always done, Fred will empower the voices of District 44 and represent YOU in doing what's really important ... achieving results.

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