New Leadership for District 44

Considering the issues District 44 faces, we will need a strong voice in Baton Rouge that is mature and levelheaded.  We will need a person who is honest with voters and knows that politics involves disparate interests competing for limited resources and that successful outcomes will require mature negotiating abilities. I believe District 44 needs a person who is well informed on major public issues in our district and has consistently tried to support public policy that represents the greater good.  As a citizen activist, I've been involved in government and community affairs for over 40 years.  I know local and state government from personal and professional experience.  I can bring leadership to north Lafayette that will unite District 44, bringing all the different groups together to make a positive change for our future and that of our children. I believe we must examine new ideas, think critically and creatively, lead cooperatively and learn to adapt to the changing times ahead.

On the topic of leadership, perhaps the most inspirational words were spoken by M. L. KING, Jr.

"We need a leadership that is calm and yet positive. This is no day for the rabble-rouser, whether he be Negro or white. We must realize that we are grappling with the most weighty social problem of this nation, and in grappling with such a complex problem there is no place for misguided emotionalism. We must work passionately and unrelentingly for the goal of freedom, but we must be sure that our hands are clean in the struggle. We must never struggle with falsehood, hate, or malice. We must never become bitter. I know how we feel sometime. There is the danger that those of us who have been forced so long to stand amid the tragic midnight of oppression - those of us who have been trampled over, those of us who have been kicked about - there is the danger that we will become bitter. But if we will become bitter and indulge in hate campaigns, the new order which is emerging will be nothing but a duplication of the old order."

Martin Luther King Jr., from his May 1957, Give Us the Ballot address at the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom in Washington, D.C.

Leadership that produces results... that's what our district needs. Effective politics comes from a process of coalition-building, collaboration, and cooperation. That's the way I've achieved results in my personal and professional endeavors.  As I have always done, I will empower the voices of District 44 and represent YOU in doing what's really important ... achieving results.

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