Thinking Out Of The Box

(Q) --- Why I’m running for office? 
(A) --- I want to influence Public Policy. 

(Q) --- Exactly what is Public Policy? 
(A)-----Public Policy is action or inaction chosen by public authorities, government, to address a societal problem. 

(Q) --- How is Public Policy influenced? 
(A) --- By crystallizing an idea, that is, giving a definite, precise, and usually permanent form as well as substance to a new perspective; and persuading the public of its merit! 

(Q) --- How do you plan to influence Public Policy? 
(A) --- It begins with having a vision and thinking out of the box. Next, you must have a plan. At present, I serve as a volunteer Lafayette Parish Planning Commissioner. I’ve learned that if you’re going to influence change, you must know the outcome and the impact it will have on all stakeholders. Promoting stakeholders interest is the essence and reason for influencing Public Policy. I’m going to influence public policy through collaboration, negotiation and coalition-building. I will use my effective negotiating skills to reach consensus to deliver results for us. The stakeholders of District 44 is the interest group I will represent and serve.

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